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Fabulous Confabulation with Up and Coming Director, Annie Bercy

I chatted with Annie Bercy who is a film director, photographer, editor, graphic designer, producer, and the list goes on. Some of her most known work is, her short film, Riley, which was a segment on “Your Attention Please” on Hulu, this past summer, she directed Ciara’s music video, “Rooted,” she recently did a virtual shoot for Prada Fashion Week21, edited multiple of SZA’s music videos, and so much more.

In this Fabulous Confabulation, Annie chats about how she received some of her most amazing opportunities, and how important creating your own work is and shares some very important advice.

Definitely watch this video for some motivation and if you are interested in directing, photographing, editing, etc.

Follow Annie on Instagram and check out her website for more!

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